The Harmonious Octave

The Harmonious Octave

Although it has been left off of this list [The Grand Melee To-Do List Holiday Edition vol. 1], the development behind the Harmonious Octave is very important. It is almost necessary to come up with so many passages only after such a render had been made; how quickly the guise of randomness gives way to frivolity.

It also occurs to me that if this Science-Fiction work may represent my first attempt at a closed glimpse into a universe, that universe as presented must be entirely whole and complete, but more importantly, it must be consistent.

To that end, I believe that the character of the work and its universes be set down before much actual writing takes place. Also, the setting and feel of the worlds should be explored, if only cursorily, before their stories can be told.

The most important insight that has come to me, though, about this creative endeavor came into my head as I was reading Children of Dune by Frank Herbert. It is the third in a six-book saga of science-fiction that was designed to act as a self contained vessel of its world. Since any well-designed fantasy or science-fiction comes with attractive pasts (and sometimes futures) that others inevitably want to know more about and some even expound on.

This story, The Harmonious Octave, should be like that. I haven’t designed it in a contiguous timeline, and don’t envision coming up with one, but there will be a past. Also, I may want to present the Empire as dystopic, allowing the hero a greater victory. Then the novels would almost have to be enclosed.

But enough with the measured words.


dark and mysterious, as only sci-fi can be


The hero is facing man vs. government, man vs. woman, and man vs. self (at least)

The impresario is facing man vs. society (at least)


Mostly in urban areas of Core Worlds. Some action takes place in Guild Halls of various types. Other action takes place on the ‘outlaw’ worlds and the ‘rural’ or non-core worlds. Some takes place in the Imperial Palace and its corollaries. All of these places must have distinctive feels when communicating the stories taking place there.


At some point in the distant past, the Dreamweaver of the 6W shifting robots achieves the Tabletop Mount. From there he begins collecting the dreams that have been floating around in the mostly formless 6W, giving it snatches of color and vibrancy and many achieving the form of tales told between A.I. units. The Dreamweaver takes these dreams of men and begins forming an irregular world out of them. After a time, and by perpetrating the more stable elements of dreams, the 6WA is born, with a semi-random set of knowledge that creates the first coherent universe since the Apocalypse proper of the 5WA. As the people in his creation seek a more stable reality, they eventually leave the parody of Earth in search of other planets and begin colonizing them. After a time, an enterprising man (or woman) organizes the new planets into an Empire, replete with a Schema-enforcing organization and ideal control of the people. Many hundreds of years pass (if not thousands) before the events of ??The Harmonious Octave unfold and by then, the Empire is a mockery of what it once was. Guilds run rampant. Imperial Decree is next to meaningless. Drugs move the galaxy and accords regulating their use and develpment are the most effective law.

There is no Salvation for this world. Only the transition into Oblivion.

The 7W will rise from the memory of the 6WB, drawing upon its strongest points and using idealism to bridge the rest. It is only in this final iteration of the world that Creation is reconciled unto Creator and the universe can return to happy nothingness.

~Jonathan T. Miles | December 26, 2007

The Harmonious Octave

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