Star Wars Episode III

Inspired by this remembered dialogue exchange on 03/02/10:

“In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, you are under arrest.”

“I am the Senate.”

“Not yet, you’re not.”

“It’s treason, then.”

“You are under arrest, milord.”


Rewrite of the Crucial Moment of Star Wars Episode III

Mace Windu: “In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, you are under arrest. You are under suspicion of conspiracy to overthrow the Republic and allegiance to the ancient Sith cult with which the Jedi Order has been at war since the inception of the Republic—”

Chancellor P: “I am the Republic!”

Mace Windu’s Party: “So you claim to be. But the time has come to test whether the State can survive without its vaunted leader.”

Chancellor P: “Or without its precious Jedi.”

Mace Windu’s Party: “So you are a Dark Lord of the Sith.”

Chancellor P: “My assistant will show you out now.”

Mace Windu: “You are under arrest, milord.”

Asohka Tano: “Ahhhhhhhhh!”

[They fight.]

The Chancellor’s Office, now cleared of the Jedi high Council and the Chancellor’s Apprentice.

[Anakin claps slowly before revealing himself within the chamber.]

Anakin: “Once again you have brilliantly disguised your intentions and prevented the Jedi Order from discovering your true nature.”

Chancellor: “And purpose.”

Anakin: “And purpose.”

chancellor: “It hardly matters anymore. The Jedi Order will not last the week.” Beat. “I have something for you to do. You must demonstrate your loyalty to me.”

Anakin: “Anything, master.”

Chancellor: “In a short while, you will be strong enough in the Dark Side of the Force to take on the mantle of the Sith yourself.”

Anakin: [“Yes, master.”]

Chancellor: “You will go to the Jedi Temple and eradicate their entire species. They have no place in my New Order. After you have done this, you are to return here.”

Anakin: “Yes, master.”

[Anakin turns to go.]

Chancellor: [chuckles] “your faith is strong. Take an elite legion with you. You cannot fail.”

Anakin: “Yes, milord.”

[Anakin leaves the Chancellor’s Office.]

In the hallway outside the Chancellor’s Office.

Shaakti: “Anakin.” [Anakin stops short.] “Did you just come from the Chancellor’s Office? Are the Jedi finished?”

Anakin: “Yes. The Jedi are finished.”

[Shaakti rushes toward the Office. Anakin continues on from being hindered.]

In the Chancellor’s Office.

Shaakti: “Chancellor.”

Palpatine: “Emperor.”

Shaakti: “What?”

Palpatine: “Right here. I have just signed into law the dissolution of the Old Republic. In its stead will rise an Empire, with me as its head. You should see my speech.”

Shaakti: “I can’t let you do that.”

Palpatine: “Oh! I thought you’d say that.” [pours a drink] “Would you care for a drink?”

Shaakti: “I can’t let you do that.”

Palpatine: “I recall having heard that once before.”

Shaakti: “Draw and prepare to die.”

Palpatine: “That’s what she said.” [Beat.] “Your apprentice. What was her name?”

Shaakti: “Asohka! What have you done with her?”

Palpatine: “Ah. Mistress Tano.” [sips his drink meditatively] “She told me you hold her in high regard.” [sips]

Shaakti: “Where is she?!”

Palpatine: “Precisely? She’s in the other room, battling most of the Jedi Council.”

[Shaakti turns to go, then hesitates.]

“You should know she answers to a different name now.” [sips.] “Darth Freya.”

Shaakti: “What have you done to her?”

Palpatine: “Nothing she wouldn’t have done herself. Abandoned by her trusted mentor, she found herself bound to a duty she hated. Convinced the Jedi Order held nothing but contempt for her, she channeled her hatred of the political system into a productive hatred of the Jedi. I took her under my wing and showed her how to reach her full potential.”

Shaakti: “As a Sith.” [Shaakti spits.]

Palpatine: [Palpatine regards Shaakti for a moment, then pours another drink.] “As a Sith Lady.”

Shaakti: [Shaakti demonstrates use of the Force in a display of anger.] “You must answer.”

Palpatine: “But who will play the tune when we are gone?”

Shaakti: “I demand satisfaction.”

[Palpatine grins.]

They fight. OR Fade to black.

Cut to the fight between Asohka Tano and Mace Windu’s Party. Tano finishes off the last Jedi before Windu, then repels Windu’s attack.

Windu: “You don’t have to do this.”

Tano: “Haven’t I already done it?”

They fight.

Tano: “What could I gain be leaving this?”

[Tano gestures with her free hand to the corpses littering the room. The camera follows her.]

Windu: “Peace. Rest.”

They fight.

“You don’t have to keep proving yourself to me. You are already very strong. I can show you—”

Tano: “I don’t want to hear your lies!”

They fight.

Windu: “You could be so much more than this! Join me and we can take down the Chancellor. You can rule your galaxy!”

Asohka Tano: “You! Lie!”

Tano charges at Windu who disengages his lightsaber and drops to the floor in a gesture of total submission. Tano has leapt into the air to strike him; finding the air empty she is completely surprised and overbalances, collapsing in a heap a few feet behind him, her lightsabler extinguished.

Windu rises gracefully and turns to look at Tano, collapsed in a heap and breathing heavily, clearly exhausted. He extends a hand to her back, open, palm up.

Windu: “I forgive you.” Beat. “You are welcome back to the Jedi Order. As a full Knight.”

Windu walks over to her and reaches out to help her up. The shot is a close-up of the two which shows Tano’s tears of remorse and Windu’s encouraging face, but no view of the hall behind Windu.

“Let me be the first to congratulate—”

Vergere strikes Windu in half from behind. Tano is clearly shocked.

Vergere: “Come on. We have to stop Anakin from entering the Jedi Temple.”

Tano: (gasps) “What?”

Vergere: “Anakin has becmoe a threat to the Order. We need to eliminate him.”

As Vergere says this, she checks Tano for injuries almost mother-like.

“You aren’t badly hurt. Can you walk?”

Tano: “Yeah.”

Tano gets to her feet and follows Vergere out of the room. Overhead wide shot of the dead Council Members as they leave, picking their way among them.

Tano and Vergere rush to the Jedi Temple, which is smoking and has clearly been attacked.

Vergere: “If we hurry we can stop him.”

Tano: “Is the Council alright?”

Vergere: “Hmmm? Oh, yeah. They should be locked up safe in the council chamber.”

Tano doesn’t buy this attitude or explanation but continues along with her. They run up to the entrance.

They run through the vaulted ceilings. Anakin steps quietly out from behind a column. Tano hears or senses this and stops. She turns around whil Vergere continues deeper into the building, oblivious.

Anakin: “You have done well, my faithful servant.”

Anakin walks toward Tano. As he gets closer, Tano kneels.

“You have brought Vergere back to the nest. Now we can destroy her together.”

Tano: (filled with emotion) “Yes, Master.”

Anakin: (arrogantly) “Come with me.”

He strides past Tano without otherwise acknowledging her towards the entrance Vergere disappeared into. A tear rolls down Tano’s face. She gets up to follow him. As she steps over a corpse (one of many Jedi, functionaries, and Soldiers) Tano’s hand touches her lightsaber hilt and lingers on it for a moment as she follows him out. (emphasis on his back being presented to her.)

Vergere rushes into the Chamber of the High Council, and is confronted by a number of younglings who believe the Temple is under attack.

Youngling: “Mistress Vergere, they’re everywhere! What are we going to do?”

Vergere: (kneels to talk face-to-face with the youngling) “Shshshh. It’s going to be okay. I’m going to save you from them. Shushh. I’ll save you.”

The door opens on a backlit Anakin, with a Tano to his right and behind him (clearly smaller). Anakin’s silhouette in this pose bears a strong resemblance to Darth Vader.

Anakin ignites his lightsaber as he walks into the chamber, still obscured by shadows.

Anakin: “Vergere. Your time is up.” Anakin emerges into the light. “Prepare yourself.”

Vergere: (rises nervously) “You!”

Vergere ignites her lightsaber carelessly, almost skewering the youngling, who backs awayin surprise.

“This is too much. You have assaulted our Order long enough. This ends tonight!”

Anakin: (chuckles) “It will end.” (beckons to Tano, who moves into the chamber) “Amd your apprentice will help me end it.”

A look of surprise crosses Vergere’s face at Tano’s mention. When she sees Tano, Vergere becomes confused.

Vergere: “No. No. You can’t have them.”

Vergere strikes down the nearest youngling. The other younglings now become confused. and run around to a dark corner away from everyone. Vergere turns her back on Anakin to pursue them.

Anakin: “Look at what you’ve become.”

Vergere strikes a few more down. The younglings split into two groups as they run around the circular room.

Anakin: “I’m your enemy. Fight_me_.”

Vergere ignores Anakin, pursuing one of the groups.

Anakin: “Vergere!”

Anakin raises his hand, as if to choke her, although they are separated by several feet. Vergere stops, lightsaber falls to her side, then turns off. She drops it and puts her hands to her throat as though she is being choked. Tension builds.

Vergere: “Save me.”

Anakin looks at her a moment, as if with pity. Then he motions toward an emergency switch near the door. The large glass window blows off into space. He walks over to the ring of chairs in the chamber. Vergere remains suspended in air; the same level of distance is maintained until she hovers right over the edge of the windowsill.

Anakin: “You have failed me for the last time, Vergere.”

Pressure builds until Tano draws her lightsaber and attacks Anakin with a yell.

Tano: “Ahhhhh!”

Vergre crumples into an unmoving heap. Anakin fluidly draws his lightsaber and parries Tano’s thrust. They fight. The younglings try to leave but are prevented by the sealed exit.

Anakin: “You are weak. Your faith in the Dark Side is not strong enough.”

Tano: “I was promised power.”

Anakin: “Clearly, you were lied to.”

They fight.

SPACE OPERA: Episode 3
script exercise
day 23


The scene opens on a dark house of mirrors. If the mirrors exist, they are tinted or in other ways do not reflect the light they should. Shaakti is stranded in the middle of this dark room, in an active stance, lightsaber extinguished. Palpatine is obviously hiding and hiding well deeper in the maze. He is taunting Shaakti.

[Shaakti is before two paths and hesitates, deciding which one to take.]

Palpatine: “What are you waiting for? Use your feelings. You know where I am.” Beat. “Come get me.”

Shaakti: “This maze . . .”

Palpatine: “I built it here to train my assistants. It changes forms all the time. Even if I told you how I got here you couldn’t follow me.”

Shaakti: “Where are you?”

Palpatine: “Are you deaf? Can’t you hear me?” Beat. “Listen to the sound of my voice.” Hypnotically.

Shaakti chooses the longer of the two paths and starts striding down it purposefully. One of the dark glass mirrors swings into her path. She stops. Then all the rest of the mirrors and dark glass rearrange themselves into a different maze. Overhead shot.

Shaakti steps back as anger contorts her expression. The shadow from an overhead rafter falls across her face. Shaakti lashes out with her right arm. Several mirrors and glass break and crumple onto the ground with an ugly crash. Ultra close-up on Palpatine’s mouth curling into a smile. Note the black hood and Emperor clothes. Shaakti’s sandalled foot crunches on the class (close up) as she walks over to see what new paths she has opened.

Palpatine: Slowly. “I’m waiting.”

Shaakti uses a path, then the paths change. She sets off on a new one. The paths change again. She hesitates, then they change immediately. She stops. When she chooses a path, the paths change again.

In frustration, Shaakti yells at the sky as a shock radiates out from her, destroying new mirrors and glass in a circular pattern. When the camera closes up on her face, she is breathing heavily and appears angry, almost feral. She walks over to the closest standing mirror and Force pushes it and the mirrors behind it.

Shaakti: Growling. “Where are you?”

Palpatine chuckles.

Shaakti Force pushes a number of new paths among the mirrors but continues to go the way she was going with no though for the new paths she opened up in her destruction.

Palpatine: “You’re getting closer.” Taunt.

Shaakti reaches a conspicuously standing dark mirror. She Force pushes it. It cracks and leans a little bit. All the mirrors behind it break more violently than before.

Shaakti yells and Force repulses. The broken mirror and galss fragments fly outward, clearing the space around the still-standing mirror. After this, Shaakti breathes heavily (shot of her breathing through her mouth and her chest heaving). New shot of Shaakti staring manically at the glass. It falls backwards slowly, until it shatters on the floor, revealing nothing behind it.

Shaakti looks at the broken glass warily, sweat dripping from her face, still breathing audibly. Slowly she draws her lightsaber. The ignition of the lightsaber is downplayed.

Palpatine appears behind Shaakti (shot: behind Palpatine, who is half in the frame and in shadow, while Shaakti is clearly illuminated) as Emperor Palpatine (pale skin, hands raised halfway but relaxed, with the palms down). Shaakti hears him step and turns to confront him, lightsaber raised.

Palpatine: “Good.” Long, drawn-out. “Good.”

Palpatine draws closer to Shaakti. Shaakti backs away, ready.

Palpatine: “Good, my child.” He steps closer. “Take your place at my side. Prove your loyalty to the Dark Side. Strike me down. Avenge the death of your apprentice. Strike me down.”

Shaakti: “How dare you speak of her.”

Shaakti rushes as she is able, lightsaber raised, to strike down Palpatine. Palpatine raises his hands, fingertips stretched out toward Shaakti, and shoots electricity (as lightning) from his fingertips. Shaakti moves as though to parry the lightning, but she lacks the concentration necessary to make her lightsaber an effective conduit to dissipate that energy. The lightning connects, Shaakt arches her back and groans in agony.

Shaakti crumples to the floor in pain.

Shaakti: Looks up at Palpatine, raising herself partly up from the floor. “You! You killed her!”

Shaakti focuses her anger on Palpatine and uses that anger to get quickly (though still in pain) to her feet. As she stands up Shaakti ignites her lightsaber so that it extends toward him. (This is captured in a side shot framing the two of them.) Gathering her strength for a charge and a single killing blow, Shaakti yells.

Shaakti: “Ahhhhh!” Shaakti starts charging toward Palpatine.

Palpatine: (firmly) “Never.”

Palpatine shocks Shaakti mid-charge, whose lightsaber drops from her limp fingers, becoming extinguished.

Palpatine: “You will never destroy me.

Palpatine shocks Shaakti a second time, holding out the charge until Shaakti lifelessly kneels before Palpatine.

Shaakti: “Ahsoka.” Whisper.

Shaakti keels forward until her head rests on the hem of Palpatines’s robe, clearly dead.

Palpatine shows disgust at Shaakti’s body touching his garment, and no pleasure at the kill. Quickly, Palpatine withdraws himself from Shaakti’s body and walks away briskly. Overhead 3rd person shot of walking away from Shaakti and amisdts the glass shards.

Palpatine exposes his hand to summon Shaskti’s lightsaber. Shot of Shaakti’s lightsaber, close-up, showing only part of Shaakti’s body. The lightsaber begins rolling away from her body and as the focus follows the lightsaber, the shot expands and raises

ended 09/01/10


Episode I

The opening sequence shifts back and forth from Shaakti’s induction into the Jedi High Council and Anakin and Obi-Wan on a mission to a remote planet for an otherwise routine drill, except things don’t add up and they unwillingly uncover a plot that they will spend the first three acts uncovering.

During the Shaakti and the High Council scenes there is a long explanation, mostly monologue, which initiates both Shaakti and the viewer into the world of the pre-Empire Star Wars universe. This monologue is the key source for conveying the “Chosen One” mythos, as well as the fact that the Dark Side has not been heard from in many years, despite which, there is a powerful darkness hanging over the force. (This darkness explains the rise of the chosen one mythos, since only an unbalanced force can be set right.) Shaakti at this time becomes the official newbie of the JHC, a role which the last one passes off to her with ease.

later in the film, the JHC is shown concluding some regular business (reports and all that). After this, instead of ending, the council calls in Shaakti’s old master, who Shaakti believes is dead. This turns out to be true: Master Voss (female) died in a tragic accident, years ago, and has ever since been operating as a spy

At the end of the movie

Star Wars Episode III

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