A History.

The Marreidian Empire is the focal point of the Second World; it represents its end, and must therefore include all things leading up to it that are important in the history of its world.

The history of Marreidia I have penned elsewhere; it must be brought here and expanded until a detailed summary of each king’s reign can be produced.

For this to happen, though, it must be acknowledged that Marreidia at its peak is a merging of two cultures. Reidian culture belongs to the Western world, the old Sanguine kingdoms, and need not receive much elaboration. (A history of the Twin Islands Admiralty and their interactions with the old Reidian Confederation is definitely in order, though.) The Marren culture, by contrast, is a blend of the old Ashen kingdoms’ rule along with the substratum layer of the Origin’s riverbed. It is both highly sophisticated and closely linked to the Classical Era.

This all begs the question, “What happened, exactly in the Silver Age?”

To begin to answer this, I must draw up maps indicating the spread of the Three Kingdoms and determine which of their provinces remained intact after the Ruination. A vague outline of history will then suffice to see which of these provinces fell when, by what power or circumstance, and who rose up to replace them. Finally, I shall need to indicate which kingdom or kingdoms move west to the river Origin and under what circumstances. (The “barbarian invasion” of the Dark Age might serve as a good catalyst.)

In determining the reach of the Three Kingdoms, especially during the height of the Classical Age, I shall probably have to sketch a history of each kingdom and determine its success or failure at accomplishing its ends. This will lead into a vague impression of each kingdom’s culture, and in turn reflect backwards into the First World.

This provides a fine opportunity to begin to answer questions such as, “What was the War of Millennia like?” and “Which of the Gardenborn (name individuals) were helping the Three Kingdoms ascend, and who were their mortal enemies?” and “What was the Crimson Pact/Covenant even about?”

Afterwards, we can cinch up the history of the Marreidian Age by introducing languages, schools of magic, historical archivists, the notion of classical education, the religion of the Sandpiper, and current political factions and the Major Houses that support them.



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