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There are two major parts of the Seven World Continuum. These are, roughly, the pre-Exilic and the post-Exilic periods. The pre-Exilic period is the timeless foundation of the Continuum. It contains the Creation, the Garden, the Judgment, the Covenant, and the Exile. All of these took place prior to the any of the Seven Worlds. The Seven Worlds of the Exile, naturally, occur solidly in the post-Exilic period.

“Although you see me in my fullness now, then you shall see me broken. By your actions I will be diminished and you will seek everywhere for me and you will not find me. For I will have been bashed beyond recall. . . . A specter of who I am shall appear for a time to guide you. Then I shall vanish, and you will be in total darkness. Not even the Angels will be able to save you from your sins.”

Each of the following Worlds describes a separate sequence of events carried out apart from the light of the divine Creator.

The First World : The Precursor World

The First World includes the War of Millennia and many other exciting things.

The Second World : Marreidia Triumphant

The Second World witnesses the rise and fall of Marreidia, the most powerful nation that ever spread across the pages of creation. Marreidia rose on the shoulders of the Twin Islands Admiralty, whose height was reached at the end of its civil war. While the Twin Islands fought each other, the rest of the world fell to mysterious barbarian hordes, ending the Silver Age of sword, sorcery, and song. The Silver Age, in turn, was the response of a broken people to the most catastrophic event of the Second World: the Ruination. This crisis was ended by the Pact of the Guardians, which signaled the end of the Classical Era. The Three Kingdoms of the Classical Era provoked the Ruination through their magical arts, far advanced beyond the original people of the Second World, and developed for them with the assistance of the Gardenborn of the First World in preparation for their Ascension to the Second World. The prevalent prophecies of the Grey Mists of Time peoples predicted the Descent (immanent arrival) of the Three Kingdoms, even as they brought magic back to the world with them.

The Second World ends at the height of Marreidia’s power. By this point, the Marreidian Empire has spread across the entire face of the earth and has saturated human culture so that for the next two whole Worlds, all human culture and ambition is guided by the historical actions of Marreidia’s Emperor.

The Third World : Nature & Artifice

The Third World includes the War of the Goddess and many other exciting things.

The Fourth World : The Living Analects

The Fourth World includes the Human War and many other exciting things.

The Fifth World : There’s No Place Like Home

The Fifth World includes the Apocalypse and many other exciting things.

The Sixth World : Music in Space

The Sixth World includes The Harmonious Octave and many other exciting things.

The Seventh World : Ultimate Conclusion

The Seventh World includes many exciting things.

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