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The Prime suffused the Void.
From this union a great Sea filled the Void.
From the Sea was born the First Power.
And the First Power’s name was Being.

With this beginning the Seven World Continuum (7WC) launches into a sweeping story spanning thousands of years and hundreds of distinct and unique characters. In many ways this is a meta-story: the massive narrative arc of the Continuum isn’t the main focus of most of the stories set here. Instead, the story of what happened in the first days provides a setting for all the various events that follow.

The Garden

In the beginning, divines swirled around in the Outer Sea, seeking and rejecting its mournful singing. One such entity crafted a string of pearls to prove his worth and led the guiding divine away from the Outer Sea. In the absence of this divine’s presence, a second divine, the Creator, began to make beings when the stewardship of the Outer Sea was given to it. But the Creator could not suffuse its creations with life and wept bitterly. These tears landed on the first of the Creator’s objects and plants grew forth from the ground. From these plants the Creator fashioned a Garden and sought the other divines to help fill it with life.

The other divines responded by giving birth to the first race. These were called the Gardenborn, for they and their children were born in the Garden and lived in ease. After a time, the Creator saw that the world would need to be bigger to incorporate the many children the Gardenborn would bring into the world. So the Creator left the Garden to develop other parts of that first world, leaving behind only one command: do not strike down the Lotuses in the center of the Garden.

When the Creator returned to mark the seventh generation of the Gardenborn by giving them the rest of the world to make their dominion, the Lotuses had been harvested and used for jewelery, put into potions, and given as gifts. The Creator shook with fury and banished the Gardenborn from the Garden. The Gardenborn were gathered together at the Rock of Suffering and their divine progenitors distributed punishment to them. This was the first time the Seven World Prophecy was invoked. While the first six generations were merely constrained to wander in isolation until the end of the world, the seventh generation were condemned to eternal limitation. They took on human forms and gave birth to the first humans. At the end of each lifespan they returned to life in human form as an infant. In this way the Seventhborn became effectively human.

The Covenant

After a while, human tribes emerged on the face of the created world. The Creator found favor with seven of these and fashioned them into a mighty people. Each tribe was given special duties and special boons. Every tribe had to revere the Creator and witness periodic Vigils at the Rock of Suffering. As long as the Covenant was followed, the seven tribes would grow into a mighty people and release themselves from the suffering of their nature. The sins of their forefathers would be forgiven and they would be restored to a perfect people who would walk side by side with their God. Until then, only a single witness from each tribe laid eyes on the Creator at the time of the Covenant, and later at each Vigil.

The Creator took special interest in the bloodlines of the leaders of these tribes and demanded that witnesses only come from pure and faithful bloodlines. Intermarriage between tribes of different types was forbidden. War with tribes who did not form the Covenant was encouraged; war against those bound by the Covenant was expressly forbidden.

Eventually this precept was broken. A scion of the northern sky tribe fell in love with and married a scion of the western seas tribe. When this knowledge became public, the whole world erupted into war, with Covenant tribe fighting against Covenant tribe everywhere. The worried witnesses returned to the Rock of Suffering while this War of Forbidden Love was raging and summoned the Creator away from important work. When the Creator returned, it was at the head of the Seven Archons and the Seven Angels who immediately did the Creator’s bidding in the destruction of the first created world. This event began the Exile.

The Exile

Almost every story I have to tell belongs to the post-Exilic Continuum. Sometimes I refer to the Seven Worlds of the Exile interchangeably with the 7WC. Sometimes I just use ‘the Exile’ for short. This project is called the 7WCP (‘P’ for ‘Project’) because seven Worlds occur after/during the Exile. It is really in this period that the individual stories of the 7WCP begin to shine. As mentioned before, the stories of this period don’t explicitly refer to the conditions of the Exile or try in any way to resolve events set up prior to the Exile. Instead, the stories elaborate and focus on the specific characteristics of each World.

That being said, a complex mechanism is at work here. In many of the stories, I highlight events central to the progression of a particular World. Since the Worlds exist because of the language of the Exile, their events are to some degree dictated by the conditions of the Exile, and the progression of the World helps resolve the Exile in some way. Typically, none of the characters (even Gardenborn) are aware of the cosmic significance of their actions or know how the events of the present change the course of the Exile or its conditions.

The stories I am writing first revolve around the main events of each World, typically the first global event that marks the beginning of consistency of the World and the final global war that destroys its chance to reconnect with the divine. So that none of these final wars are quite the same, each world greatly advances its technology level, moving along the spectrum of speculative fiction from the mythical to the space-operatic.


This wiki is primarily meant to serve as background material on novels I am writing, although game content may eventually follow.

I hope you enjoy perusing this amalgam of notes on the Seven World Continuum Project!


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